The University Daily Kansan

This fall semester, I was lucky enough to have the flexibility to write traditional print stories while also exploring visual, online-based storytelling. My beat was campus life, but I was able to write about stories happening elsewhere as I came across them.  Here are some of my favorite print articles from the past couple of months.

My first story for the semester was a fluff piece — literally. I wrote about a second cupcake shop opening up in my college town and how the shop owners felt about the inevitable competition that would come with its arrival.

Website link: Bakery          PDF version: Bakery

This article was my favorite of the semester. I got to explore the convoluted, nearly 100-year history of a tiny carving, including what it meant to its original owner and what it means to several campus groups today.

Website link: Russian Jayhawk    PDF version: Jayhawk    Jump  

Almost everyone on campus has had a resident assistant at one time or another. But I realized that few people actually know what the job entails. I sat down with some current and former RAs to talk about living and working in the residence halls.

Website link: RA life         PDF version: RA life   RA jump

Events are an important part of campus life. I covered several of them throughout the semester, including a wellness fair and LGBT bus tour. My favorite, however, was a Harry Potter party put on by our union’s student committee as a last goodbye to a character many of us grew up with.

Website link: Harry Potter        PDF version: Harry Potter

American Copy Editors Society

Last year, I worked as a content intern for the American Copy Editors Society. I had the chance to speak with journalism professors and professionals in the field about current copy-editing trends, products and issues. Below are the stores that I produced for the ACES website.

Yahoo! Style Guide

For this article, I spoke with an editor at Yahoo! about the website’s new style guide for editors trying to navigate the digital world.

Patch editor

Patch is an AOL-owned company that focuses on hyper-local news coverage for mid-sized communities that don’t have a traditional newspaper. I wrote about one Patch editor — a recent college graduate — and how she juggled producing and editing most of the content for her Patch site in a St. Louis suburb.

Financial stylebook

This was another article about a new style guide. This guide was designed by several professors in North Carolina to help both general and business copy editors make sure financial terms are being accurately used and adequately explained.

Cultural nuances in copy

Among all of the other things that copy editors have to keep an eye out for, it’s important to make sure that stories avoid racial stereotypes and other discriminatory writing. I spoke with several professionals about this continuing issue and how to foster better dialogue in newsrooms.

Error prevention with checklists

Among other things, Craig Silverman runs the popular editing website Regret the Error. He spoke with me about his belief in the power of the checklist to help editors be as accurate and efficient as possible.


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